How our cocktails went mobile!

Back in the depths of lockdown, both Giles and I were still grateful to be employed, whilst Sip ‘n’ Swig – our mobile bar business took a back seat due to the restrictions. It was only when a customer asked the question “How can we still enjoy your wonderful cocktails at home?” Cue brainstorming over dinner one evening!

In a matter of weeks we’d had a light bulb moment and started to produce our well known and well loved cocktails in plastic pouches which gave people during lockdown tasty, ready to pour cocktails through the post giving a little bit of luxury to enjoy at home! We were soon inundated with requests for our cocktail pouches.


In just a few months of launching the cocktail pouches we sold over 4000!

We soon realised we were onto something good. We teamed up with other hospitality businesses including Martina at Belles Cakery who like many were keeping their business afloat with food and drink deliveries direct to the customers door. Throughout the year we collaborated on several different themed packages for Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentines Day and we have to say when Martina made brownies containing our cocktails as her secret ingredient, they were just sublime and very sort after!! A personal favourite was the Espresso Martini Brownie teamed up with our Espresso martini cocktail! A close second only to the Pina Colada Brownie with our Pina Colada cocktail. Our afternoon tea boxes in collaboration with Thomas Oken tearooms in Warwick were also extremely popular and delivered to addresses all over Warwickshire.

Martini glass with a frothy espresso martini in, 3 coffee beans on top next to an aluminium canned cocktail

Sustainability challenge – From plastic pouch to aluminium can  

As business took off and the world got back on track, we continued to sell our cocktail pouches across the county, however the amount of plastic we were using played heavily on our minds. We had always been conscious of this but not been able to source a recyclable plastic alternative, even these years later. Fast forward to 2023, our research and experimenting with Gorilla Canning led us to produce our fresh full strength quality cocktails in cans, which to our delight are so much easier to recycle.

The decision to can our cocktails was our way of taking steps towards becoming more sustainable in a world where people are becoming more conscious of their choices.  We had also noted the momentous growth of the ‘ready to drink’ beverages market and the fact that people are now more used to having premium drinks out of a can, making our offering the perfect fit.

To those wondering, but surely they won’t taste the same as the cocktails we make behind the bar…we can assure you they do! We take the quality of our cocktails very seriously and our slogan ‘Hand Crafted Cocktails’ fully embodies what we do, no corners are cut in aid of profit. The cocktails we can, are made exactly the same way we make them on our bar with fresh ingredients, premium products and love and care in each can.

All our cans can be shaken, ready to drink, but we recommend you shake them over ice in a cocktail shaker or a DIY container from home such as a juice bottle or jam jar!

One step further….we can personalise all of our cans

More recently we’ve purchased another new toy! ‘A labelling machine,’ Giles is a very happy man! Although we won’t talk about the early teething problems with the labelling machine! So not only can we release new cocktails at anytime but we can personalise or brand our cocktail cans and Stag Gin miniatures with customer names, company logos and greeting messages.

Get your cans online today…

No minimum order required, even for customised labels and we can even put cocktails in a gift pack for you with our miniature gins which can also be branded or personalised.

We can’t wait for you to enjoy our cans, wherever you are sipping! Whether it’s a party at home, a picnic in the park, table favours or even a Christmas gift to yourself or someone you love.

Cheers to quality, fresh cocktails, whenever and wherever you may be!