At Sip ’n’ Swig we pride ourselves on working proactively to help our clients achieve their unique event goals in the best way possible. So when the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust (SBT) asked if we could create and serve up a menu of non-alcoholic cocktails, using ingredients grown on site in the medicinal herb garden, we knew this played to our strengths and gave Giles the perfect opportunity to apply his creative flare for cocktails!

The event was at Halls Croft as part of Heritage Open Days, a ‘New Wave’ event created by young people for young people. The event explored the concept of Tudor health and wellness and the creation of a safe space for the youth of Warwickshire to meet new people and reduce social isolation.

Why Sip ’n’ Swig?

Right from the start SBT openly shared that they would love to work with a local supplier if possible, which aligned nicely with our passion for supporting the local business community we work in. Speaking of local businesses, a big thank you and shout out to Charlie from Chin Badger Media for taking some amazing photo’s at the event.

The brief was very specific and needed the cocktails to be non-alcoholic, to embrace the feeling of ‘well being’ and to target a younger audience but also to include the history of the venue by using the medicinal herb garden produce within the cocktails. 

Jennifer from SBT was very impressed at how easily we adapted to the bespoke nature of their event.

Sip ’n’ Swig took this in their stride and created some delicious bespoke options for our visitors’ Jennifer Shufflebotham – Audience Engagement Manager from The Shakespeare Birth Trust.

Why cocktails were a great fit…

As we know from experience a cocktail bar with freshly handcrafted cocktails can really elevate an event and change the whole atmosphere and vibe. SBT were keen to ensure the event was special with a ‘Friday night’ festival feel, which is exactly what they got. The choice to keep the cocktails all non-alcoholic reflected the target audience they were looking to engage with and the rise in popularity for 0% alcohol options among Gen Z audience. The trust felt that by doing so they were able to create a safe welcoming space for everyone. We have also seen increased demand for non-alcoholic cocktails and believe the experience should be the same, whether you’re choosing alcohol or no alcohol,  there’s no tap water alternatives here!

 Customers were really impressed with the quality of the drinks and feedback was that they helped to create a really special atmosphere for the evening. It was a very different heritage experience, as visitors enjoyed a premium drink  whilst the sun set on a warm evening ’    Jennifer Shufflebotham Audience Engagement Manager from The Shakespeare Birth Trust.

 The Cocktails!

We keep our bar set up and breakdown simple which enables us to get up and running quickly and efficiently with minimal fuss but maximum impact. We’re also dedicated to providing a flawless service from start to finish. Anything we can do to help the client enjoy their event without worry is worth it.

We keep our ingredients fresh and all our cocktails are handcrafted to order. On this particular occasion Jennifer from SBT initially sent us a list of herbs in the Halls Croft garden, Giles then chose from these the ones that made the most sense for the cocktails. He went on to create a wonderful bespoke menu of four non-alcoholic cocktails for the event combining fresh ingredients grown at Hall’s croft with premium juices, syrups and non alcoholic spirits. Each cocktail told a story of time gone by.

To keep costs down for their visitors SBT chose to subsidise the cost of the cocktails and instead of £8.50 they decided to charge £4.50. We’re always flexible if our clients wish to subsidise the cost of a cocktail/drink for their end users, every event is different.

Working with us? Communication is key.

At Sip ’n’ Swig we aim to ensure every event is unique to our client and their needs and we love to understand exactly what the client wants from their event, their style, their preferences and overall vision, so that we can ensure we not only meet their needs but exceed their expectations. We were delighted to hear that SBT found working with us a pleasure and easy from start to finish, with no challenges and above all felt we were very adaptable and worked well with an unusual venue and bespoke requests.

The communication was clear and the team were always quick to respond to queries. Everything was at a high standard, from the quality of the drinks and service to the ease of set up and pack down. The bar looked like it had been there all year round, very professional.’ – Jennifer Shufflebotham – Audience Engagement Manager for Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

Success factor

The overall event was a huge success for The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, with the organisers praising us for making everything incredibly easy for them and for providing them with a quality service. So much so they are keen to try similar events again this Summer. Following our first event with SBT we are now one of their suppliers and very much look forward to working with them again soon. To us, repeat business is the sign of a great event.  

‘Some of the best Cocktails I’ve had, the strawberry and rhubarb cooler was my absolute favourite! And all our guests were very impressed’   Jennifer Shufflebotham – Audience Engagement Manager for Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

Looking to elevate your next event with cocktails, get in touch we’d love to discuss your next event with you!

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