Sip ’n’ Swig were delighted to join Invesco at the Grimaldi Forum in Monte Carlo for the IMPower FundForum Event serving up three cocktails using local spirits, designed especially for Invesco.

We first met the Invesco team at Confex, where they loved our cocktails and chatted to us about Giles’ skills in creating cocktails and blending flavours with any spirits. Invesco were sponsoring this event and wanted to make an impact on their stand and make an unforgettable experience. The events team were keen to use the local Monaco distillery and sent us their products to play with! Giles created a range of bespoke cocktails which were sent to the team to choose their favourites for the event. Once the cocktails were decided upon, the marketing team at Invesco renamed the cocktails and created the stand graphics and cocktail menu. Our equipment headed over to France with the stand builders ready for our arrival, the spirits all came from La Distillerie de Monaco and we, Giles and Jodie, arrived ready to serve! The events team were keen to make an impact with the stand changing over cocktail hour with music, mood lighting and neon cocktail signs. In a testimonial the client said “they are happy to collaborate to help meet the event’s objectives.”

Cocktail Hour was announced on the event app and within the conference so we were busy with guests ready to enjoy an Espresso Invesco, The Grimaldi Lady or The Monaco Blush – which was also available as a non-alcoholic cocktail. “They were calm under pressure and engaged wonderfully with the delegates making every drink they served a truly unique experience.” The cocktail bar worked amazingly well for the team, keeping guests on the stand whilst they enjoyed a cocktail so the sales team could meet with them, inviting new clients with passing interest, creating social content with most guests taking and sharing pictures of the branded cocktails and creating a real buzz around the stand area. The team explained that they could have just had the conference catering team serve cocktails or even gin and tonics but it was without the story, engagement and theatre that made a real impact. For Sip ’n’ Swig, we spoke to other companies exhibiting at the show that loved our cocktails and would consider us for future events. Our client said “I can highly recommend Sip ‘n’ Swig for any event activation where you want to create a truly memorable experience”. They could see our passion, knowledge, skills and level of service. We also enjoyed a few days in Monte Carlo child free over our wedding anniversary!

We are so proud that Invesco chose to take us to make an impact on their stand and that they were delighted with the service offered, until next time Monte Carlo!